Why does my head feel so heavy

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And once u feel like u cant sleep anymore, distract urself, by doing something which u like or hate doesnt matter. No doctor can narrow it down just by saying headfeelsheavy. If anyother symptom is there, then we can analyze and treat u. Either u will get better by distraction.

Why Does My Head Feel Heavy?
A heavyfeeling in the head can make getting through the day particularly difficult. You may feel like you can’t hold your head up, or it might feel like you

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It feelsheavy. Im always having to lean it against the back or side of the couch or prop it up on myhead. I don't know why. I don't usually have this problem unless im tired or my back hurts or something. But lately, its been pretty much. show more Lately i've just been feeling like I can't keep myhead up.

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Why your legs feelheavy after sprinting? What would cause legs to feel week and heavy? My legs feelheavy when i run ,but i have been running for 30 yrs and never had