Why do cows face the same way

Why do cows in a field always seem to face the same way? - Quora
Whydocows consistently face north or south when eating or resting? Why are birds always all facing in thesame direction?

Why Do Cows All Face the Same Direction When Eating?
By comparing photos of cows located within areas of the world that had a strong magnetic-north field, the researchers came up with the theory on whycowsface in thesame direction. The images showed that cows in lower magnetic-north fields still facedthesameway as cows in stronger magnetic-north.

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ep.3 Man struck by lightning 6 times and lives Child frozen solid survives Did the Chinese Explores Discover America first? Women shot a point blank and survives Child Saved by a women, years later the child saves thesame women Docows all face in thesame direction.

Why do Cows Face North-South?
More Cow Facts: Some researchers report that electromagnetic waves from nearby power lines may disorient cows from their usual north-south orientation. Thesame study found that things like the sun's position or the strength of winds didn't have much effect on the directions of how cows stand.