Who should fill out an incident report

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To filloutanincidentreport, the summary of the events should be clear, accurate, and objective. Incidentreports are not like essays that you have to put in rhetorical and redundant words.

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The description of the incident being reportedshould contain all information needed for the reader to act upon the report. It must contain information about the nature of the incident, where the incident occurred, and any pertinent information about what preceded the incident.

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Thus, the incidentreport form is what is filled by a person who has witnessed anincident by his own eyes, be it an employee, contractor or someone else.

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Fillingoutanincidentreport does not necessarily mean that someone will get into trouble or go through the Citizenship Education process, it simply goes to the appropriate personnel for further investigation. To begin the process, filloutanincidentreport online.