Which branch of military is best for me

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Hmm good question. When you say “best” im going to assume you mean more then just pay or safety, but also what your going to be doing etc. Sorry to my friends in the Army and the Marines, but I am going to have to say that those are not the bestfor officers, with the sole exception of their aviation.

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Military family tradition is certainly well acknowledged in American society. However, each person is different. Based on your particular interests and qualifications, you may bebetter suited for a particular branchof service that no one in your family has considered before.

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my education to get into the air force or what branch i want to go into. what are my 5 sources? source one goarmy.com source two airforce.com source three navyseals.com source four marines.com source five joinmilitary.com the best

Which branch of the US Military has the best looking blue dress...
The Marine Corps has the best looking military uniform (looks like military) , while I think the Army has the best dress uniform (looks like a suit you would wear to a black-tie event).

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I understand that each branchof the U.S. Military contains a military intelligence element within that are broad in their field of activities. What is unique about this branch's intelligence community compared with that? How does one determine whichbranchisbest suited for a future intel career?