Where was the movie shutter island filmed

Where was the movie shutter island filmed
ThemovieShutterIslandis not scheduled to be released in the USA until February 19, 2010. Film classification is usually performed within the week leading up to a film's …release, so you may want to check your country's certification board closer to that date. In the USA, the Motion Picture Association.

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ShutterIsland frankly wasthe first movie that made me question my thinking and judgement, and consider the medium of films seriously.

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ShutterIslandis a fantastic film. You will notice a lot of similarities in the character that Leo plays in Inception and this one - struggling with the memories of a wife

Medfield State Hospital: An Eerie Filming Location For Shutter Island
Movie magic at the Medfield State Hospital. When we arrived, the first thing we looked for wasthe main building from ShutterIsland. We kept driving around, looking at buildings from different angles, but nothing looked the same. Finally, we realized that most of Scorcese‘s movie hospital was.