What was decided about germany at the potsdam conference

What was decided about Germany at the Potsdam Conference
AtthePotsdamConference, it wasdecided that Germany would be split into four demilitarized zones, occupied by the Allies. The Nazi-imposed discriminatory laws would be repealed, and German industries could not make weapons.

What was decided at the Three WW2 Conferences? Tehran, Yalta...
Describe one decision that was made about the war atthe Tehran Conference (2 marks). Slide 10 1 mark – simple statement, eg: “The USA and the UK decided to invade Nazi

What was decided about Germany at the Potsdam Conference?
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The conferences at Yalta and Potsdamwere the two last major conferences of WWII. History books usually emphasize the Yalta Conference much more than thePotsdam

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PotsdamConference: PotsdamConference, (July 17–August 2, 1945), Allied conference of World War II held at Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin.

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ThePotsdamConference, which took place in Potsdam, Germany, took place between July 17 and August 2 1945. It involved the so-called “Big Three”: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S. President Harry Truman and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, who met to decide on whatwas to happen.