What to pack for labor and delivery

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You may want to begin packing your bag around 35 weeks of pregnancy, but have it completely ready for your 37th week when the potential for going into labor increases. Here you'll find whattopackfor you, your baby, and for your spouse or partner who may coach you through laboranddelivery.

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You may want topack two separate bags for the hospital: An overnight bag for the items you'll need during laborand a larger bag for everything else that you'll need after delivery.

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Despite your due date, it’s important topack a hospital bag well in advance –I recommend at least a month before your due date. So take out a large duffel bag and make sure you have everything you’ll need forlabor, delivery, and recovery. Here is a checklist I used

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Less is more when it is time topackfor your laboranddelivery hospital stay. You will get varying advice and long lists from family, friends, and other sources, but the fewer items you pack, the less you will have to keep track of at the hospital. Pack only the essentials so you will have less to repack to go.

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It is a good idea topackforlaboranddelivery a few weeks before your due date.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need Massage lotion Music Camera Robe and slippers Loose-fitting outfit Nursing bra Toiletries Suitcase class="error">Pack items that will help you relax in.