What is better a macbook air or pro

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In this video I'll explain which MacBook to buy in 2018. Apple laptops are some of the best laptops. I've owned a Mac laptop for almost 9 years.

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Im so confused in choosing Mac air or pro bcz im gonna use Virtual machine software with Windows 7 in ma mac...So can anybody suggest me which Macbook is best for ma purpose ??

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Which one is better MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro 2016? Is 128 GB of storage on a MacBook Pro retina enough?

Which is better, a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air both look good but which is better? What is the main difference between them?

MacBook Air vs. MacBook vs. MacBook Pro: Reviews by Wirecutter

The 13-inch MacBook Air has the longest battery life, a great keyboard, good performance, and legacy ports.

Which MacBook is better to take - air or pro? and what is retina?

MacBook Air ultra-thin laptop series MacBook Apple, available in two versions: with 11,6- and 13,3-inch screens. Apple MacBook Pro laptop company Apple. Apple is positioned as a laptop for professional activities or instead of a desktop computer.

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The ones inside the MacBook Pros are seventh-generation though, meaning better efficiency, improved power, and less of a draw on battery life. As for RAM, 8GB is your only option on the MacBook Air, coupled with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage.

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The MacBook Pro has better processing capabilities as well as larger memory and higher resolution. It is more ideal for the more entertainment focused consumer and thus, in my opinion, outclasses the MacBook Air.

Which is better as a laptop, the Macbook Air or the Surface Pro 3?

For watching videos, it's better than the Macbook Air. The Surface Pro 3's stereo speakers are stellar as well. But given that I'm comparing the two for work, that's not important to me.

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which is Better for Business?

So do professionals need the pricier Pro, or can they get by with the slimmer, more affordable MacBook Air? Read on for a head-to-head comparison to see which MacBook is better for business.

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I'm a life long PC user and I am extremely interested in purchasing either a macbook pro or air. However, I am having a difficult time deciding which one will fit my needs.

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For some users, the iPad might even be a better computer than the MacBook Air. For others, though, the iPad is best suited as a complementary purchase to a more powerful

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The MacBook Air is currently available only in a 13-inch size that has seen only minor updates since the last major revision in March 2015.

10 Reasons Why The MacBook Air is the Best Laptop for Bloggers!

I love my MacBook Air and I think it's the best laptop for a blogger that's every been created, without question. Here's 10 reasons why!

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Well, the MacBook Air makes its cousin Pro look like it's been eating nothing but fudge since it came out five months ago. While the Air weighs somewhere between 2.5 and 3 pounds, depending on screen size, the lightest MacBook Pro weighs 4.5 pounds.

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But despite its slightly outdated design, there are a number of reasons you might pick-out a MacBook Air.

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If you want a product that incorporates the very latest in innovative touch-sensitive technology from Apple and fits perfectly with the look and feel of your MacBook Pro, or Air, then you will be wanting the Apple Magic Mouse.

Which Apple MacBook Should You Buy? - Apple MacBook Air (2017)

Which MacBook Should You Buy? Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air share a similarly impressive iconic design, but which one delivers the best balance of power and value? Here's how they rank in our testing.

10 Favorite Tips for Your MacBooks

This comes as no surprise to all of us here at Lifewire, but we also know there are many tips and tricks that make using a portable Mac even better. To help you get the most out of your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, we have complied this list of tips, which is a work in progress.

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The 11-inch base model retails at USD 899 while the 13-inch base model retails at USD 999. Note that there are Windows-based alternatives that are cheaper or more advanced. Hence, it is better to weigh the pros and cons of owning a MacBook Air.

Comment: A more affordable MacBook Air would be the new iBook

Smart because it brings more people into the Mac world, and a MacBook Air owner today is a good MacBook Pro prospect for the future. And smart because Apple makes an ever-growing income from services.

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macbook pro, if you are going to spend $$$ for a mac it might as well have all the features you could need.

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MacBook Air comes with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology for connecting and synching the laptop to a PDA, cell phone or wireless headset. It has an embedded iSight camera capable of taking still photos as well as recording video.

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The 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro both have Retina displays. 2018 MacBook Air -- lagging edge is in, price drop possible.

Surface Pro 4 Is Much Better Than The MacBook Air... : iTech Post

One advertisement showed Cortana mocking Siri and another ad showed how much better the Surface Pro 4 was compared to the MacBook Air, describing the Mac as 'less useful than a hat for your cat'.

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Apple 13-incher should you buy?

The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro are the only two MacBook product lines left, and they represent two different solutions to same problem. The unibody aluminum Pro used to be considered thin, but it's--relatively--thick at 1 inch, and weighs over 4 pounds. The Pro offers better specs, while...

The best MacBook Air alternatives - 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro

2015 13-inch MacBook Pro. If you're trying to fill the shoes of a MacBook Air, look to the generation-old MacBook Pro rather than the 2016 edition.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is better than Apple's MacBook Air...

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Apple MacBook Air are great balances between portability, power and cost.

Macbook laptop: What advantages does it have that would justify its pu

Just wondering, as it would seem that I can get a lot more my money with a "pc" laptop at lesser prices than with a macbook air or pro. (e.g. I been told that the Samsung Series 9 and the dell equivalent all have better features than a mac laptop pro for comparative price).

Tips for Using a MacBook (Air, Pro) in Clamshell Mode - Jeff Geerling

I've used a variety of Mac laptops in the past few years (starting with a PowerBook 100, moving on to a 190, then a 1400, a 5300c, a G3 Wallstreet, an iBook G3, iBook G4, PowerBook G4, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and back again to a MacBook Pro.

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I'm in the market for a computer right now and I have decided to buy either a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro.

What Is The Best Mac Laptop For A DJ? - MacBook Air

MacBook Pro. MacBooks, in general, do a very good job of running most DJ software so you need to look more closely at the specs to decide which one you want to be your DJ laptop.

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When I considered the specs above my main concern was the greater RAM I could get on a new MacBook Pro, but given a new Air still had more than my old Pro I figured the Air would work well enough.

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In this Q&A I answer a question from James who asked me the following: Should I buy a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

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Hey everyone...i got a macbook pro 13" (purchased in March 2010) i upgraded the ram from 2 to 4 gb and i love it for serato, especially having always used a pc before. now the new macbook air is out (13") and i just wanted anyone's opinion if using it for serato is wise and if so, if its better. the.

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Macs and particularly, MacBooks, are built sturdier, and the high quality of these machines is hardly a point that needs discussion or debate. When Apple releases new Macbook and Macbook Pro, you will often be able to secure pretty good bargains if you are shopping for a used MacBook.

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The MacBook Pro is generally a better choice for shoppers who plan to use their laptop for more than just basic word processing and web browsing.

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The Surface Pro 3 is clearly better for those who want and need a device that's both a tablet (albeit a heavy one) and a laptop of sorts. The MacBook Air is for those who need a traditional computing experience with the tried and true laptop form factor.

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Have a MacBook Air, and looking to transfer it using Apple's Migration Assistant? If so, you may have found yourself in a conundrum - as the MacBook Air doesn't have FireWire or Ethernet (Unless you have Apple's $29

Apple's new MacBooks: A much-needed... - The Washington Post

Apple released an update for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. (Apple) (Courtesy of Apple/Courtesy of Apple).

More powerful notebooks from Apple in the MacBook Pro line

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro series of notebooks with 15in and 13in models that are claimed to be better for intense image and video editing.

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Macbook Air A1369 A1466 screen replaceme... This is a new version of my old Mac Air screen replacement video. Better lightning and i think better sound. Step by step instructions on how to do th...