What does a broken hip feel like

What does a locking hip feel like - Doctor answers
Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Kase on whatdoesa locking hipfeellike: The pain is typical felt in the groin with walking and certain types of rotation. Pulling up the foot and twisting the leg to look at the outside of the shoe will show restriction in motion or just be painful.

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The feeling is different for different people and different bones, but during the healing process, combined with the medication the hospital provided, the pain is pretty bearable. In general, the pain associated with abroken bone is like a deep ache, but because of the surgery, it hurt all over.

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When someone breaks a bone, the degree of pain felt can depend on factors such as the type of fracture and location. For example, a hairline fracture may not cause much pain, but a more severe break can cause a symptom like shock in some people, notes Sutter Health: Palo Alto Medical.

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Hip labral tear is considered as a driver of the hip pain and in the recent years, among the orthopedics, hip labral tear became a hot topic in the field of