What do you think the term polyester fabric refers to

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Fabric: Fabric is a woven cloth or sheet like structure. Yarns are utilized in making fabric. Foe making underwear, you would require fabric and threads (for

What Is Polyester? A Closer Look into this “Love it or Hate it” Fabric
Polyester is a generalised term for any fabric or textile, which is made using polyester yarns or fibres. It is a shortened name for a synthetic, man-made polymer, which, as a specific material, is most commonly referredto as a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is made by mixing.

What is Polyester Fabric Made of - Plastics Make It Possible
The polyesterfabric market rapidly expanded, to include by the late ’70s the ubiquitous and much maligned double knit polyester pantsuits, leisure suits, golf pants and other fashion atrocities.

polyesters - terylene and PET
A polyester is a polymer (a chain of repeating units) where the individual units are held together by ester linkages. The diagram shows a very small bit of the polymer chain and looks pretty complicated. But it isn't very difficult to work out - and that's the best thing to do: work it out, not try to remember it.

What is Polyester Fabric? How Polyester is Made and Its Properties
In short, polyester is plastic. Polyesterfabric is a synthetic fabric created by bonding polyester fibers together. Polyester fibers are the product of a chemical reaction between coal, petroleum, air, and water. Not only is polyester derived from non-renewable resources, but the process of extraction from.