What can i do with a history degree

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Find out what you can dowith your degree in history including job options, work experience, further study and skills.

What Can I Do with a History Degree?
What kinds of historydegrees Are There? What kind of Licensing or Certification DoI Need? WhatcanIdowithahistorydegree?

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However, ahistorydegree will actually provide you witha fantastic platform from which to enter a range of interesting sectors.

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Note, however, that these percentages are a snapshot of people at different career stages. Source and notes: American Community Survey (ACS), 2010 - 2012, holders of at least a BA, ages 27-66, in the following ACS 2010-2012 degree fields: History and US History.

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Why Study History? Excellent Teaching, Rigorous Scholarship. WhatCanIDowithaHistoryDegree?

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Typical careers withahistorydegree. Careers in teaching and research. Many historydegree graduates go on to share their interest in the subject by

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History / Job market. WhatcanIdowithadegree in history?

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"Being aHistory major at U-M Flint has an inclusive feel- thanks largely to the Wyatt Exploration lecture series and the Phi Alpha Theta honor society.

Forgotten Majors Series: What Can I Do with a History Degree?
These traits describe most people working towards ahistorydegree and might even describe you. What would someone want to dowithahistorydegree? Some people say that history is in the past, and people should live for the present or the future, but who will help us document our pasts and.

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Unlike other degrees, History provides students with the chance to study, research and investigate independently, to think critically and logically, to evaluate and analyse events and sources

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History is a popular subject so it is important to build up teaching-related experience during your undergraduate degree and to apply each for teacher training.

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WhatCanIdoWithaDegree in Art History? Quick Links for this page: Ideas for Careers and/or Places of Employment.

What jobs can you do with an Ancient History or Classics degree?
Dr. Constantina Katsari, a professional economic historian and numismatist, writes about her passions: history, archaeology and coins.

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If you have aHistorydegree and want to learn deeply about the past, being Historical Researcher is another excellent option.

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Are you constantly pulled by museums, galleries, libraries and other historical archives? If the answer is yes then you can make great use of your historydegree here and pursue a profession in any such place.

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Careers for History Majors. Whatcan you dowithan undergraduate degree in history?

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Whatcan you dowithahistorydegree? The percentage of history majors who become professional historians is low. Instead most go on to become

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Completing aHistorydegree at the University of Calgary provides you with important experiences, perspectives, and high-demand skills for use in planning your career. History influences the way we think about current events and shapes the way we problem-solve.

What Can You Do with a History Degree?
Most history majors go on to become lawyers, businesspersons, politicians, writers, researchers, librarians, archivists, and even entertainers. Leaders in every profession can point to their training as history majors as the starting point for their success. What Skills Will You Learn as AnHistorian?

History Degree
AHistorydegree involves the analysis of significant world events such as revolutions, wars and political shifts, and includes the study of various

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Ahistorydegree trains students to investigate the past, assess primary sources, and craft evidence-based arguments. While some history majors become historians, many apply the skills gained during ahistorydegree to other careers.

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American Studies Anthropology Economics Geography History International Relations Linguistics Management and Organizational Studies Political Science Psychology Sociology Women's studies and Feminist Research.

What Type of Jobs Can I Get with a History Degree?
After earning ahistorydegree, you can also pursue a job as ahistory writer or editor. For example, you may write textbooks, non-fiction books

What can you do with a history degree?
Before choosing to study history with us, you might want to know what our graduates go on to do, and how we help prepare them for their working life.

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1 Besides Teaching, WhatCan You DoWithAHistoryDegree? The study of history provides a solid foundation for careers .

What Can I do with a Justice Studies Degree?
A justice studies degree can prepare you for a rewarding career or prepare you to advance your education in law school or graduate school.

What Can I Do With A Theology Degree? - Online Course Report
A degree in theology gives graduates a direct path to becoming a minister, religious school teacher, a missionary, or a variety of jobs you might not expect.

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History graduates have strong analytical and communication skills which can be put to good use in careers in business, finance, HR and law.

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Concentration in Public History. Certificate in Historic Preservation.

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Have you found yourself asking "WhatcanIdowithan English degree?" If so, check out these awesome jobs for writers!

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Ahistorydegree is one of the most popular degrees across all universities. At York there are over 300 students in my year!

What Can I Do With a Master's Degree in Psychology?
This degree has become a popular option, particularly with students earning their degrees online. However, students are often unaware of exactly

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The major, sometimes called Urban and Environmental Planning (depending on the institution), covers history, sociology, humanities, business and other facets

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Ahistorydegree's not useful for any specific job but 'historian.' And maybe careers to dowith political affairs, depending on how recent your speciality was.

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A teaching degree and background offers a number of opportunities for teachers transitioning out of the classroom. Any field that requires an understanding of how people work

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My degree was a critical step and excellent preparation for my current position as a postdoctoral fellow. I continue to research and write in my area of expertise, but now I also teach courses in history at

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Missionaries often combine a degree in Biblical studies with another degree in order to bring their faith to others. Many religious counselors have degrees in Biblical studies along with education and certification in counseling. If these careers or similar faith-based ministries appeal to you, you might.

What Can I Do With My Degree? - Department of Anthropology
Surveys conducted by the American Anthropological Association show that most people with one or more degrees in anthropology find satisfying employment within a short time of

What Can I Do With A Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies?
A Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies. You will begin the process by completing the University Core Curriculum requirements. Then, you will work with two

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Undergraduate historydegree programs arm students with much more than thorough knowledge of the world through the ages.

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These include historic sites and museums, where history majors can become docents, education directors, curators, guides, and interpreters.

Careers for people with history degrees / careers with a history major
Research jobs withahistorydegree / history major: Many history graduates move into careers as researchers, drawing on their skills in evaluating and analysing documentary evidence. Such work can be within museums and historical organisations.

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Check out Career Resource: WhatCanIdowitha Journalism Degree? of the Student Life blog! Read stories, tips and more from current Biola University students and faculty.

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WhatCanIDoWithaHistoryDegree? The short answer? A lot! The diverse skill set that ahistorydegree education provides allows for many career paths in

What Can You Do With a Criminology Degree
In addition, a degree in criminology can lay the foundation for other related careers, such as attorneys, counselors, and social workers. Great Benefits, Great Experiences in Criminology Jobs. Earning a degree in criminology can open the door to a host of fascinating and rewarding careers.

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HistoryDegree. 320kbps ~ 1.28 ~ Author: Lake Campus. Mengapa Lulusan Seni Tidak Bekerja.

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WhatcanIdowithadegree in Sociology? I am majoring in Sociology because I find it interesting

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The Biblical Studies Associate Degree prepares you for various ministry positions, working in missions, and social service

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After graduating withadegree in History from Trinity College, our alumni have distinguished themselves in

What Can I Do With an Accounting Degree? - WVSU Online
A specialized degree in business and accounting qualifies graduates for a variety of roles related to accounting and finance.

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WhatCanIDowithaHistoryDegree - EWU. YOUR DEGREE IN HISTORY, POLITICS, SOCIOLOGYAND SOCIAL STUDIES Contact us at ul ie careers if you want to find out more about these and PDF politics and history (vl) Newcastle University ncl ac uk.

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Is a degree in Logistics right for me? This is a great career for anyone who wants to be part of a team. If you enjoy being part of a larger organization witha larger purpose, this career

What Can I Do With a History Major? - The Department of History
When I graduate, whatcanIdowith my degree in history? Short answer: anything you want! Studying History gives you "an intangible edge." A survey of History majors shows history students finding jobs in virtually every sector of the 21st-century economy. History students have moved.

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Get ahistorydegree at Eckerd College, a liberal arts college in Florida, for cutting-edge analytic courses, individual research and close mentoring.

What Can I Do With A Career In Interdisciplinary Studies
WhatCanIDowithADegree in Interdisciplinary Studies? Do you want a broad and diverse educational experience and would prefer not to be confined to the requirements of a single discipline? Interdisciplinary Studies may be the major for you, as it offers different tracks that you can take to.

What Can I Do With Strategic Communication Degree
A degree in Strategic Communication adds a great deal of value. It is one of those skills that transcends all functions within any organization.

What can I do with a science degree? - gradireland
Career options for science graduates: jobs you can dowithadegree in chemistry, physics, biology, biotechnology, environmental science, microbiology etc. If you are graduating withadegree in science, it's likely that you will be looking at going into a particular career that uses your specialist knowledge.

What Can I Do with a Zoology Degree? (with pictures)
Zoology degrees can lead to careers in research, graduate studies in medicine or veterinary science, or work in cell biology. Most students enter careers in the life sciences, but not all do. Your studies can take you to pharmacy or law school or can lead to advisory careers in national or local governments.

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A degree in American History covers a lot of the development of the United States. Topics of study generally include

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Receiving a degree in International Studies qualifies you to work in a diverse field, including government, Intergovernmental Organizations

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I just got my historydegree and wonder what to dowith it now.

What Can I do with a Criminal Justice Degree?
English and historydegrees are popular, but a criminal justice degree can also be a good choice. One should, of course, investigate the law school they would