What can i do with a history degree

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An undergraduate degree in History followed by a master’s degree in Library Science, International Relations or a similar program may help you get a job which more closely matches your interests. There is also the option of double majoring, which is easier at some colleges than it is at others.

What can you do with a history degree?
What do you learn on ahistorydegree? History is one of the broadest subjects you can study and it gets taught in very different ways on different degrees.

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University of Chicago History alumni pursue a wide array of careers after graduation. Recent majors (Class of 2013–Class of 2017) include. Doctoral students in history at Columbia University, Princeton University, University of Cambridge, and University of Pennsylvania.

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Most students start historydegrees knowing they have a passion for the subject, but with little or no definite career ambitions. This is not a cause for concern as the duration of the course allows for the formation of career decisions. It is critical to think about what your interests are, consider what you are.

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The history major is a great one for students who would like to attend law school or graduate school, but there also are many other things that history majors can do. A USF degree prepares students for a number of options: • Government • Museums • Writing and publishing.

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A degree in History prepares students to pursue a wide range of careers in business, government, education, and the non-profit sector. Majors in History develop skills in research, analysis, writing, communications, computation, reasoning, and ethical judgement. These are some of the most highly.

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This pie chart shows the career outcomes for majors in History ages 27-67. We use these ages to show where majors end up, rather than initial jobs out of college. Note, however, that these percentages are a snapshot of people at different career stages. Source and notes: American Community Survey.