Was florida one of the 13 colonies

Was Florida considered one of the 13 colonies?
Floridawas not counted as oneofthe original 13colonies. This was primarily because ofthe fact that it was a prize of war rather than one settled by English colonists. The British took possession of Florida in 1763 as the result ofthe Seven Years War. Britain did return Minorca to the Spanish as.

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No, Floridawas loosely colonized (using the term tongue in cheek) in I beleive 1565 at St. Augustine. It wasn’t until 1819 with the Adams-onis Treaty that Floridawas ceded to the United States.

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List ofthe13ColoniesThe13Colonies article covers the time in early American history from 1607 to 1776. The English settlement ofthe original 13Colonieswere located on the Atlantic coast of North America and founded between 1607 in Virginia and 1733 in Georgia.

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Thirteencolonieswere originally part of it, and they are also known as the original states of America. The very first Colony was Virginia (originally Jamestown), was founded in