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Learn English Grammar Articles (a, an, the)

What are the English grammar articles and how do we use them correctly? Learn and practice the definite article (the) and the indefinite articles (a, an).

English Grammar - Learn English Grammar - Articles

In English grammar, articles are a group of small words that give information about a noun.

Usage Of Articles In English Grammar?

I would like to know the exceptions to the rule for the usage of the article "an." Also please tell me why is it wrong to say "He is an European." Thanks Padmini.

Articles - Definite, Indefinite and No Article - English Grammar

English Grammar Rules about the difference between Definite and Indefinite Articles and when to use them - Cuando usar los Articulos en Inglés.

Rules behind use of Articles in English Grammar with Examples

Articles of English Grammar are A, An and The. It was noticed many students or even experienced professionals do mistake when using Articles. Looking into this here with we are sharing some of the rules with examples to use Articles in English Grammar.

Grammar: Using articles

Grammar: Using articles. Articles are used to indicate whether a noun refers to a specific or a general item. The rules for using articles in English are quite complex

Articles in English / ESL Lesson

ESL Lesson: Articles in English. How to learn English grammar? Present Simple Tense.

Useful English: Grammar

English grammar is different from Russian grammar. Some things are easier; for example

4 Ways to Learn English Grammar - wikiHow - Did this article help you?

How to Learn English Grammar. With all the rules and guidelines governing the use of English grammar, it's little wonder that so many people

Articles in English Grammar, types and their rules

Articles in English Grammar. Articles are used to give some specification to nouns. They are placed only before nouns. The words a,an and the are called articles. Now it is upon you that how you choose article noun-by-noun in any sentence.

Use of Articles and Preposition - In English Grammar

The grammatical use of articles and prepositions in any sentences for English language is important with rules and examples.

Glossary of English grammar and usage terms - Grammarist

Article: a type of adjective used to indicate specificity. In English, the only articles are the , a , and an .

The Articles in English Grammar

Learn what are articles and how they can be used in the English Language, English Help: Use of Articles in English Grammar.

Articles in English Grammar

The lesson presents the article definition and general rules for the use of definite and indefinite articles in the English language.

Articles in Grammar: From "A" to "The" With "An" and "Some" Between

In English grammar, an article is a type of determiner that precedes a noun.

When To Use The Article In English Language Grammar

, Articles in English Grammar I Use, Rules & Examples of Articles A An The in Hindi.

Use of Articles in English Grammar Exercises - YouTube

A university, a uniform, A European A hotel. So watch this video and know about correct use of article in English grammar in Hindi. This video is useful for all those who want to learn English grammar, English speaking and conversation for general use...

Articles: A Complete Grammar Guide - Grammarly

Articles are used to indicate whether a noun in a sentence is specific or general. This guide will help you learn more about the articles in English.

Proper Use of Articles in English Grammar for Writing Papers

Articles are the little words that we put in front of nouns. Learn the major rules for the proper use of articles in English grammar (with examples).

Using 'A' and 'The': Definite and Indefinite Articles in English

How to use 'the' and 'no article' with geographical names. Do you want more information? Try my book! Welcome to Perfect English Grammar!

English Articles - A Complete Grammar Guide - 7 E S L

Learn how to use articles (a, an, the) in English. You can jump to any section of this lesson: 1 What Are Articles?

Learning English Grammar... ARTICLES ANSWERS

The truth is, English articles often cause students learning English grammar some real difficulties.

Articles A / An / The - GrammarBank - Part of a larger group, Use THE

Articles - A An The. Articles in English are complicated, and there are many rules for their use.

Article - English Grammar

In the English grammar is considered two types of articles: definite and infinite. We show the most complete resource to learn more about the uses of article, rules and some examples.

English grammar. The usage of articles with places

English Grammar - Articles 002 - Articles Usage. DerekStephenBryan.

Understanding and Using English Grammar. Betty Azar

- Longman, 2003 - 566 с. Understanding and Using English Grammar is a developmental skills text for intermediate to advanced students of English as a second or foreign language. While focusing on grammar, it promotes the development of all language skills in a variety of ways.

English Grammar

©1990 Graham Tulloch FURTHER READING This is intended as a basic and simple guide to English grammar.

How to Use Articles in English Grammar

Articles in English grammar are words that give information about a noun or noun phrase.

Grammar glossary - English Grammar: Theory and Use (2nd edition)

Glossary of grammatical terms used in. English Grammar: Theory and Use (2nd edition).

What are the most uncommon rules of using articles in English...

There are some rules in English grammar is difference. If you want to learn article so buy a well writer book in English grammar. It will help you a lot or You may help to English Teacher.

BBC World Service - Learning English - Grammar Challenge

The 'zero' article Previously in Grammar Challenge we've seen how nouns usually have an article; the indefinite articles 'a' or 'an' or the definite article 'the'. Sometimes though there is no article associated with a noun and this can be called the 'zero' article.

Advanced English Grammar Structures - Learn ESL

This section advanced English grammar structures are intended for advanced students of English learners. This section focuses on difficult English grammars, on the areas of usage which are often troublesome to non-native speakers of English.

English Grammar In Use A Self Study Reference And Practice Book...

Grammar: Using Articles - Une grammar: using articles articles are used to indicate whether a noun refers to a specific or a general item. the rules for using articles in english are quite complex ...

English Grammar

Some final thoughts on English grammar. In this article, we have provided you with the basics of English grammar and a few examples for finding more information.

Important English Grammar Tips (Usage of Articles)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important English Grammar Tips in usage of Articles, candidates those who are preparing for the SBI, RBI, IBPS and all other competitive exams can make use of it.

English Grammar

5. Guide to English Usage. Many of the books in the grammar section of a bookstore actually deal more

English for Research: Usage, Style - 3: Indefinite article: a / an

Appendix 2: Glosssary of terms used in this book. Index. English for Research: Usage, Style, and Grammar. Adrian Wallwork.

Using English Articles - 3 Simple Rules To Fix Common Grammar...

This lesson will teach you three simple rules to help you to use English articles better. I KNOW this is a lesson that you need to watch because articles are one of the most complicated parts of English grammar!

Article in english grammar PART-1 uses of a, an.the...

Article (grammar). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For articles in English, see English articles.

Article (grammar)

Some also serves as a singular indefinite article, as in "There is some person on the porch". This usage differs from the usage of a(n) in that some

English Grammar

©1990 Graham Tulloch FURTHER READING This is intended as a basic and simple guide to English grammar.


Gender. Of no consequence in English grammar. Refers to masculine, feminine, neuter nouns in certain other languages.

Teaching Grammar in the Context of Writing

You have printed the following article: Teaching Grammar in the Context of Writing Constance Weaver The English Journal, Vol. 85, No. 7, The Great Debate (Again): Teaching Grammar and Usage.

Prof. Diana Toader - 1.2.2. Definiteness in cognitive grammar

The errors analysed in the section above reveal that students need to understand the usage of articles to make their English more accurate grammatically, as

English Grammar & Composition - Use of the Possessive Case

Wren and Martin's monumental work High School English Grammar and Composition now appears in two editions. One is a de luxe edition

The Grammar of Articles use in Mozambican

Manganhela, Felix Maielane, "The Grammar of Articles use in Mozambican Portuguese-accented English" (2016).


The principal aims of Fundamentals of English Grammar are to present clear, cogent information about English grammar and usage, to provide extensive and varied practice that encourages growth in all areas of language use, and to be interesting, useful, and fun for student and teacher alike.

English Grammar For Economics

Also note that, in American English, at the end of quotations which are not full sentences or after the title of an article in a journal, the punctuation

Teaching Grammar - USE

For example, Spanish speakers refer to a body part using the definite article instead of a possessive form. ESL/EFL students will have to learn the semantic scope of the possessive form in English.