The ransom of the red chief by o henry

The summary of The Ransom of Red Chief by O Henry
What is the conflict oftheransomoftheredchief? It"s not a Western! a kid who play-acts Western roles is abducted by two teen-aged boys as a sort of juvenile prank.l It was written byO.Henry. A classic example of not to ju…dge a book by its cover-or title. I knew an English Teacher, Mr. Morda.

The Ransom of Red Chief. O. Henry. Page 1.
Bill and me had a joint capital of about six hundred dollars, and we needed just two thousand dollars more to pull off a fraudulent town-lot scheme in Western Illinois with. We talked it over on the front steps ofthe hotel.

The Ransom of Red Chief Summary -
The pattern ofTheRansomofRedChief” is suggested by the first sentence ofthe story: “It looked like a good thing: but wait till I tell you.” The story is essentially ironic; in a series of comic reversals, the expected event is replaced by its opposite. From the name ofthe town where the story takes place.