My husband wants to have a baby

My husband wants a baby, but I'm not sure I'm ready yet (semi-update)

He wants a baby now, I still want to enjoy my 20s and have the ability to go out with my girlfriends, travel, etc.

I'm ready to start trying to have a baby and my husband isn't: how...

This was perfectly illustrated when my husband made a joke about "throwing a baby in you" and tried to hug me, and I ran screaming from the room.

'My Husband Said He Wanted a Baby. Now I'm Pregnant and He...

Also, try to use empathy and, even though you don't want to, realize that having a baby isn't all awesomeness, that it will change his and your lives dramatically and not only for the

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But supposing you want to have the baby, when your partner is totally against it?

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Pregnant because my husband and his family so desperately want a baby. I am 42 and being a mother was never my plan, but denying my husband from becoming a father, I feel, would be extremely selfish. I am not excited but not miserable either. I just have to trust in all of you moms that say being...

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Why don't you want to lose your husband ? He is as good and as useful to you as a bad case of pneumonia ! I think you are still in shock so not able yet to understand how disgustingly selfish ,cruel and exploitative he has been and is being to you. He really wanted a baby, he wanted it very badly...

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These are just some of the ones he vetoed in our journey for a baby name. Evangeline. I love this name. It was one I wanted to use as a middle name for our

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One thing you may want to think about before you talk to your husband about having a baby is any previous conversations you have had about them. This may be information you can use to help your case.

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My husband and me keep having fight every day he wants a boy baby now and I am not interested in having any more baby, I don't have any help from my in-laws nor my husband during both the pregnancy and delivery. But,is it really that important in life to have a boy!

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"My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for three years.

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A reader writes: My husband and I have been married for two years and are both in our early 30s. He recently told me he isn't sure he wants children any more.

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If your husband wants you to have a baby though, you need to seriously prepared to mother your kid without any emotional and spiritual support from your husband.

Husband wants baby

Husband wants baby. Posted by zee 2860 days ago (Question) View profile. I have found out that I am pregnant - it was an accident. I am in my late 40s and really don't want to go ahead with this - unfortunately my husband does.

I waited too long to try to have a baby with my husband. Or did I?

But I think, most of all, I was afraid of what a baby would do to our marriage. My husband and I were always so in love; we were best friends.

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Now, my baby is over a year and i want to resume but my husband will not let me. Anytime, i bring up the issue, he tells me to relax and wait for the baby to grow up. I was getting a little anxious so i sent out my cv and went for some tests and all.

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Brett learned that if he wanted to eat lunch (while any aroma stronger than neutral made me lose my own), he'd have to make it himself.

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Sob. My husband, on the other hand, hasn't been feeling the same vibe. He wants a third. Sort of. He likes the idea.

should i have a babyshower in the UK? My husband says its wrong!

I'm feeling conflicted, my mum really wants me to have a baby shower so we can get all the girls in both sides of the family together to celebrate the

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"I desperately want another baby. Yes, that would make five for us. All but one of the kids would love to have a new baby, and I know my husband would come around.

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My husband (Bill) and I have always wanted kids. We started trying right after we got married. When we would discuss hypothetical baby names we

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My husband had a troubled childhood with parents who never liked each other much and have lived separate lives for decades.

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No one really tells you what distance introducing a baby into the family can place between husband and wife, at least for a while.

7 Things I Wish My Husband Knew Before We Brought Home Baby

Is it nonsense to be sad for no reason, not want you to leave my side and feel like the ugliest person alive after just having a baby? Yep.

My husband is a trucker and I really want a baby

Lately that's all I've been thinking about, is having a baby. My husband just became a truck driver and he's going to do it for two years till I finish nursing school and able to work with my degree.

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Instruction how to get my husband to have a baby. Step 1: To want a child favorite, in any case, do not arrange his tantrums, do not put ultimatums, give him time to open instinct naturally.

My husband wants me to breastfeed him as well as my baby.

I wanted to brestfeed but I could not get enough milk to produce so I had to use formula.If I have another child I will try this to help me produce more milk.Those machines hurt and dried my

Being a Working Mom When You Really Want to Stay at Home

Oh, I prepared for a career, but once my babies arrived, I knew I wanted to be with them 24/7.

My Husband Is Not Invited To My Second Baby's Birth

With my first child, my husband was very excited to be part of the whole having-a-baby process.

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At one point, I thought things would get better between the three of us (my husband, his baby mama and I). I thought we could come to a mutual agreement for the child.

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My husband and I have a wonderful relationship and love each other dearly, but there is one issue that we cannot solve. I desperately want children and he doesn't.

8 Shocking Ways Marriage Changes After Baby

The change "We didn't really talk about how things were going to change once we had a baby. Sure, we talked about diapers and day care and discipline and stuff like that. My husband travels for a living, so when he would come home, he would want 100 percent of my attention, but he had to wait or try...

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I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but if a man decides to have a baby with you than he has to accept all of you. I am on my 3rd kid in 4 yrs I still have not lost all the weight. while my Husband is no saint, I don't have a problem telling him where to stick it...

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Even when my son is napping and I want to run to get groceries, my husband will ask me to wait until he wakes up and take him with me.

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"I don't want to go through the fat and the sleep-deprived nights again." Also, when she was pregnant she had to be on medication for a thyroid problem.

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If you've been feeling unattractive after having a baby, this letter from one mom to her husband will help you learn how to feel good about yourself again.

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I think you are right in wanting your husband to have a larger hand in helping not only for your sake, but to have a closer relationship to his daughter.

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I was so happy when I learned I was going to have a baby. I went to the library and checked out a book by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read. I felt.

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And then I get depressed thinking about my husband banging my mom 'cause we selfishly want to have a baby with some of our DNA. И потом я впадаю в депрессию, думая о моем муже трахающем мою маму только потому, что мы хотим ребенка с нашими генами.

Bette L. Waters

I was so happy when I learned I was going to have a baby. I went to the library and checked out a book by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read. I felt.

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My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over 5 years.

I want a baby now and my husband doesn't. What can I do?

I want a baby more than anything. I try talking to my husband about it and he keeps telling me to be patient.

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Everything about babies make me smile. While on a family vacation, my husband held a baby in his arms and tears came down from eyes!!

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I have been married to my husband for over three years, and we have a beautiful toddler.

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My husband just called and said he would take me back if I had an abortion.I CAN NOT do that.What do I do?any advice would be

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Before having a baby, I must admit that I liked traveling for work. I got to stay in nice hotels, eat in fancy restaurants, ride in town cars like a celebrity and could stay up as late as I wanted. My husband and I both traveled from time to time and we both enjoyed the change of scenery while we were away...

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'My Husband Wants to Breastfeed:' The Phenomenon Nobody Talks About But Everyone Googles.

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I was happy to have my body back to myself, but I had to learn to take things slowly since it was nowhere near back to pre-pregnancy status. -with my baby

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I hid. My marriage track has been severed and rebonded by a baby. So, by blacklisting the IMEI, even though the thief changes the SIM of the phone, it will still cannot be used since the IMEI is unique to the mobile phone itself.

Commiseration? - A baby? At my age? What was I thinking?

My husband is quite a bit older, and excited and happy to have the opportunity to have a family unit (probably more than your average guy

The Mama Guilt Is Real - So How Do We Cope?

I even struggle allowing my husband to put our baby to sleep because I know she wants me. I end up almost trapped in my bedroom every night from 8pm onwards, because I have to stay close

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My husband has a hyphenated name but the first part of his name and my FIL's name are the same but since most people don't get the hyphen so they technically have the same name on all their mail.

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If a husband and wife both have a "have baby" want, adopting one will only satisfy the one who made the call (and only if you have the mod that

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Our decision to have a baby during grad school did not come lightly. For a lot of students, grad school falls smack in the middle of prime mate-finding and baby-making years. But my husband and I knew we wanted kids.


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I also got a pint of Starbucks ice cream for 50 cents, but I gave that to my sister-in-law, because seriously, how much ice cream does a girl need when she has baby weight to lose?!?

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The mother has been doing drug's and leaving the girl with people, being gone for weeks or months at a time, then a year ago, she got pregnant, and told us she was going to marry the father of that baby, she wanted my husband to give up his rights so that man could adopt her.