Is there a cure for dry eyes

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Contact lenses can aggravate dryeyes and leave patients with irritated, red eyes. With such a common complaint, many people wonder if there is acurefor

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Finding acurefordryeyes is a very broad question, largely because of the many different causes of dryeye. Most causes of dryeye are incurable, and typically become progressively worse. This does not mean that with appropriate treatment, they cannot be relieved.

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DryEye Syndrome (Keratoconjunctivitis)affects millions of people around the world and is on the rise year after year. Do you remember when your eyes were clear and bright?

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For the dryeyes, there are many ways to cure it. Keep the home environs humid, between 30 and 50 percent, you could use a humidifier to add moisture fordry indoor air.

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There is no “curefor most causes of dryeyes. “Dryeyes” are multifactorial in most patients, combining aspects of lipid-mucoid tear problems/tear film instability, with surface inflammation, (some) aqueous deficiency, and other eye-surface problems like lid malposition, lid laxity, blepharitis.