How to make solar lights from plastic bottles

How to turn used plastic bottles into skylights and street lamps
Light fixtures made from used plasticbottles. Liter of Light. In 1880, Thomas Edison patented a lightbulb made from a glass tube and cotton thread

Make a Solar Bottle Light - VisiHow
Unfortunately the solarlightbottle will not work to give your room bright light at night. If there is a very bright moon out or a lot of ambient lightfrom streetlights or other

Solar Bottle Lights: Transforming Plastic Bottle Waste to Light Bulbs
It’s surprising how simple the design of a solarbottlelight is – take an empty plasticbottle, fill it with mineral water and a few drops of bleach, and cement it halfway through a small metal roof sheet (the kind used as roofs in Manila’s slum areas). Then cut out a small piece of the actual roof, place the.