How to help a manic depressive person

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It manifests differently in each person, with some being more manic than depressed and vice versa. If someone you know has bipolar disorder, then knowing how to deal with a manic depressive will help you to relate with and help that person.

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Manic depression, or bipolar disorder, is signified by an elevated mood and high-risk behaviors when the person is in a manic state. Find out how to be patient, understanding and compassionate with people who are manic depressive with help from a psychotherapist and licensed mental health...

How To Love Your Bipolar (Manic Depressive) Girlfriend

The question is how to keep your head over water with a person who could drown you into her whirlpool of extremes.

How To Deal with a Manic Depressive

Want to help a person with manic depressive disorder? Get health tips to learn about manic depressives.

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A: How you react to a manic depressive person can help prevent further episodes, or even suicide. manic depressive people have periods of normal behavior, but may swing from moods of extreme energy to hopelessness in a short period of time.

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3. Eating a Healthy Diet. You might be surprised to know how much altering your diet can change how you feel.

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... called manic-depressive illness, a person s mood swings back and forth between depression and mania.

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As a partner, parent, child or friend of someone who is undergoing a depressive episode, here's how you can help the healing process.

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Identifying the symptoms of bipolar disorder (manic depression) can be the first step in getting support and treatment for manic and depressive episodes.

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Definition of manic depression for English Language Learners. : a mental illness in which a person experiences periods of strong excitement and happiness followed by periods of sadness and depression.

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Depression is a well-known concept, and most people know how to recognize it. But what about manic depression?

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If manic and depressive symptoms overlap for a period, it is called a "mixed" episode. During such periods, it may be difficult to tell which mood -- depression

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What are the symptoms of depression? Feeling depressed or down can be a normal reaction to events in our lives, but in a depressive

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Define manic-depressive. manic-depressive synonyms, manic-depressive pronunciation, manic-depressive translation, English dictionary definition of manic-depressive. adj. Of, relating to, or having bipolar disorder. n. A person who has bipolar disorder...

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It can help you to feel like you aren't alone and it can give you hints and tips as to how you might be able to control your own symptoms.

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So, your tendency to stay housebound is characteristic to you having both manic depressive disorder (bipolar disorder) and agoraphobia.

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As with many other depressive symptoms, however, sleep problems can vary widely. Some will sleep the majority of the day while others will skimp by on maybe a couple of

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For example, bipolar disorder (also called manic-depressive illness) often emerges during adolescence.

Symptoms of Manic Depression

Persons suffering from manic depression often withdraw completely from any or all social and pleasurable activities.

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Causes of depression. Diagnostic evaluation and treatment. Psychotherapies. How to help yourself if you are depressed.

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The condition is also known as manic-depressive illness (from manias on the one extreme to depression on the other).

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Bipolar Mania. A manic episode can be described as a period of time in which the person has an increased sense of power, energy, and self-worth.

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When a person with Manic Depressive reaches the height of their mania incredibly risky behaviors begin to emerge.

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In the thirteen years since I was diagnosed as manic depressive, I have never fully thanked or forgiven them.

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"The manic or depressive episodes last longer than a few hours or days," she says, which distinguishes it clearly from clinical depression.

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Bipolar problem, also referred to as manic-depressive ailment, is a human brain condition that creates unusual changes in state of mind, power, task degrees, and also the

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Cyclothymia can be diagnosed if a person has a low grade, chronic and fluctuating disturbance. In cyclothymia there are mild highs and lows, which are not severe enough to be diagnosed as a full manic or depressive disorder. How do I get help?

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Clinical Depression: Also known as major depressive disorder, clinical depression is one of the most common types of depression.

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Tim, rest assured this post helped at least one manic-depressive. Also, thanks for sharing the intimate (no pun intended) bullet points.

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A person suffering from or tending to suffer from depression: Phase-advancing sleep may be a useful treatment for depressives who eschew medication.

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My advice to those considering entering into a relationship with a bipolar person is to run far, far away and don't look back.

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By far the kinder thing to do is to ask the depressed person, Where does it hurt? Bipolar Disorder Self-Help: Living and Coping with Bipolar Disorder Manic Depression: How to Live While Loving a Manic Depressive Feb 29...