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A client recently had me source a new Chinese supply chain for injection-molded plastics. In this series I’ll explain how we were able to go from having no contacts in China to successfully receiving quotes from several injection-mold manufacturers.

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Chinesemanufacturers association. A good idea is to go directly to the relevant association for the manufacturing industry in china you are looking for.

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4. Have a local Chinesecontact. It will save you a lot of time working with someone who knows what a city has to offer, can help you find different factories and give advice on howto proceed. To find this person ask other U.S. companies already established with manufacturers in China for people they.

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Visiting manufacturers in China is generally highly expensive for outside companies. Knowledge of the Chinese business environment may not be available in-house, and is difficult to develop.

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The Chinese way is often to befriend first, and talk business later. It seems to me that the Chinese are excellent at sniffing out ulterior motives and those with questionable