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The pH of a solution is equal to the base 10 logarithm of the H+ concentration, multiplied by -1. If you know the pH of a water solution, you can use this formula in reverse tofindthe antilogarithm and calculate the H+ concentration in that solution. Scientists use pH to measure how acidic or basic.

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The two expressions are opposites expressions. As the pH increases the pOH decreases and vice versa. Both values equal 14. To convert a concentration of into pH or pOH take the -log of molar concentration of the hydrogen ions or the molar concentration of the hydroxide ion concentration.

How Do I find the Concentration of H+ when I'm given pH?
How can I do this without a calculator? I found some problems online, but have trouble understanding. If a soil has a pH of 4.7, what is the H+ concentration of the soil solution? pH = -log [H+] 4.7 = -log [H+] 4.7 = -(- 5) - 0.3; 100.3=2.0 (the -5 tells you the number of positions to move the decimal point to.