How to file e return of income tax

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The Earned IncomeTax Credit can result in either a tax credit to offset incometax due or a tax refund. The Additional Child Tax Credit is a

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NEW DELHI: The last date for filingIncomeTax (I-T) returns this year is July 31. Taxpayers who have not filed their return yet can file their respective ITR in two ways -- physical or online. The online or electronically filing process of returns is known as e-filing and can be done via portal.

How to File Revised Income Tax Return in case of e-filed I-T Return
I filed my Original IncomeTaxReturn post due date and I want to revise that IncomeTaxReturn. Can I file a Revised Return?

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IncomeTaxReturn can be e-filed at If you are first timer and want to get your e-filing done, it could be a bit laborious task to you and probably confusing at times

How to E-file Your Income Tax Return
Using an e-file service for your incometaxreturn is fast, easy, and free. Allow us to introduce the beauty of the Free File Alliance.The Free File