How to copy and paste on s4

4 Ways to Copy and Paste - wikiHow - How to Copy and Paste
This wikiHow teaches you howtocopy text, images, and files from one place andpaste them into a different location on a Windows or Mac computer, as well as on an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

How To Copy And Paste On Your iPhone... - How TO Use Your iPhone
Copyingandpasting content on the iPhone 5 4s and 4 is a very easy thing to do but it is sometimes overlooked. The iPhone has the capabilities tocopy content and images from the web and many applications. Below are the instructions and video tutorial that will show you exactly howtocopyand.

How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4?
Howto do it in Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4? In Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean we noticed slight improvements for CopyandPaste: we tested directly on Android 4.1.2 and we see that if we put the finger on a phrase of a conversation and Whatsapp a window opens with three options (Copy.

How to copy paste on Samsung Galaxy S4
Understanding howtocopypaste textual content on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is totally essential. In fact, there is nothing more practical than copypaste.

Galaxy S4 Facebook Copy and paste problem? :: Ask Me Fast
I have a Samsung S4 and am unable to use a copyandpaste function for copying from my Facebook timeline. Works on Word and Whatsapp etc but nothing shows up on Facebook.