How to clean an artificial christmas tree

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In this Article:Article Summary Cleaning before ChristmasCleaning after ChristmasCleaning Outdoor Trees Community Q&A. Many people choose to decorate their homes with artificialChristmastrees, avoiding the hassle, upkeep, and allergens of using a real tree.

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Check out our tips for HowtoCleananArtificialChristmasTree. Every year we take down our Christmas stuff from the attic, shop for more stuff to add to our growing collection of Christmas decorations and decide what color scheme we are going to do.

Learn how to choose the right artificial Christmas tree for your home.
Howto Choose a Fake Tree for Christmas. If you don't care for the mess of a real evergreen, or if allergies prevent you from having a live tree, try choosing anartificial

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So, you’ve broken out the artificialtree for Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s a tad dusty from being in storage for a year. So how do you clean it?

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Many families use anartificialtree to safe money or because they believe it is better for the environment. Because these trees can be used year after year they will need to be cleaned