How to block adult videos on youtube

How to Block Adult/Inappropriate Content on Youtube (Be Safe )
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How to Block Unwanted YouTube Videos With YouTube Restricted...
3. HowtoBlockVideosonYouTube Kids. Still, if you don't trust the above extensions or native methods, you can get the YouTube Kids app from the Google Play Store. It features a diverse range of whimsical and funny videos, along with a few educational and music videos, depending on the kid's.

How to Block Adult Content on YouTube - @Famisafe
YouTube is the biggest video sharing and hosting platform in the world. With such an extensive source of content, your kids can easily have an access to inappropriate videos as

How to block adult video on youtube? — Steemit
Hello friends currently small mobile users everywhere and watch YouTube. Among them, our younger brother-sister-and-youtube. Today, you will share a very important trick for you, which will allow you to turn off any video coming to your younger brother's mobile adult.