How to adjust a 700r4 tv cable

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GM vehicles equipped with the 700R4 automatic transmission use a throttle valve cable to control the shift characteristics of the transmission. Commonly known as a TVcable, this cable connects the transmission with the carburetor or fuel injection throttle body. It is imperative that you properly adjust.

How To Adjust a Throttle Cable, TV Cable on a 700R4 Transmission
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The TVcable on the 700R4 and 200-4R transmissions controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part throttle downshifts, and detent (full throttle) downshifts. So if the TVcable is not adjusted properly, it can cause numerous transmission problems. The TVcable is connected to and operates the throttle.

700R4 Tv Cable Adjustment
700R4 4L60 TV ( Throttle Valve ) CableAdjustmentHowto DIY When out of adjustment can cause low pressure operation and sluggish feel due to quick

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HowtoadjustTVcable in a700r4 Chevy transmission. Also called the throttle valve cable. Not the detent cable, that is another transmission.

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What follows is our understanding of how the TV control system communicates to the Th-700R4 and Th-2004R transmissions.