How many christian country in the world

How many Christian countries are there in the world
Howmanycountries follow Christianity? Inthe middle ages European (and other) countries generally espoused the religion of their ruler. Nowadays religion is viewed as a more personal choice, and few countries wh…ich used to be avowedly Christian can - or would want to.

How Many Christians Are In the World Today?
Today, Christianity is theworld's largest religious group. According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, in 2010, there were 2.2 billion Christians of all ages living intheworld.

Top Ten Christian Countries in the World
The 10 MostChristianCountries. They certainly have come a long way from their small hometown inthe Middle-East. Numbering 2.2 billion people worldwide, Christians make up theworld’s largest religion by a margin of one billion, an.

How many Roman Catholics are there in the world? - BBC News
Of the 10 countriesintheworld with the most Catholics, four are in Latin America. Brazil has the highest Catholic population of any country. The figure was put at 123 million inthe last Brazilian census and as high as 150 million in 2010 figures compiled by theWorldChristian Database.