How long will windows 7 be available

How long will Windows 7 still be available to buy? - Windows 7 Help...

So you can no longer buy pre-built systems with Windows 7. But how long will you still be able to buy W7 for, for installation on self-built PCs? It has support until 2020. Is W7 still a viable OS cho.

How long will Microsoft support Windows 7?

During this time period, while features like security updates are still available, you will be required to pay for certain other features like bug fixes or support by web chat or telephone. How Long Will Microsoft Support Windows 7 ?

Will Windows 7 computers still be available at Best... - Yahoo Answers

Also, how long will Windows 7 laptops... show more I am looking into getting a new laptop and wanted to know if Windows 7 would still be available after the release of Windows 8. Specifically...

How Long Will Microsoft Support Windows 7?

How important it is to allow automatic updates can also be defined by the fact that auto updates can no longer be disabled now; in windows 8 and above, windows updates may be delayed for almost 3 days before they finally install, but disabling

How long is the free Windows 10 upgrade available for?

I have delayed upgrading to Windows 10 due to concerns about privacy in Windows 10. How long is the free upgrade offer available for? I am using Win 8 Profeessional, Euro edition.

How long will Microsoft support XP, Vista, and Windows 7? - ZDNet

I wrote this two years ago in How long will Microsoft support XP and Vista? : Microsoft has a well-documented support lifecycle for its software products.

For how long will Windows 7 be supported by new... - SOLIDWORKS...

My question is can I keep going with Windows 7 while still using new releases of SW or I should upgrade to Windows 10 while it's still available for free? I'm not sure how Windows 10 will behave on this old hardware and Win 7 is running well so it would be the safe way to keep Win 7 and I'm pretty...


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windows 10 upgrade taking a long time to become available - Forum

I am Just wondering how long it will take for my windows 10 upgrade to become available, i do not want to use the media creation tool to upgrade so i was just wondering how long it usually takes for i...

How Long Windows 7 Upgrades Will Take

If you're a casual Windows Vista user with just a few documents tidily stashed away, upgrading to Windows 7 should take less than an hour.

Where and How to Download Windows 7

So long as Windows 7 is still installed somewhere, you may be able to extract it. See How to Find Your Windows 7 Product Key for some help.

How long will my Microsoft Windows operating system be supported?

2) there will be Windows updates, security updates and hotfixes available but problems will only be fixed with a purchased support agreement. 3) warranty claims are no longer available. There will be no support for the product after the extended support end date.

How long will Windows 7 be supported by Microsoft?

Therefore, I came to the question how long Windows 7 will be supported by Microsoft at all and whether I can get updates and service packs in the near future. With Windows XP this also came quite quickly and surprisingly.

How quickly will Windows 7 become unavailable ? - Forum

I don't really want Windows 8 on my new machine so I'd like to make sure I'd ordered in time to still be able to specify Windows 7. When a new release of a Microsoft OS becomes available how soon after that does it become impossible...

How to delay Windows 7 autologon, so that the Domain... - Super User

The registry mods here for setting a Windows 7 AutoAdminLogon on a Domain worked beautifully, except: The submission of username and password is before the domain server is available to authenticate logon, so I get this error

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Windows 10 Questions and Answers you need to... - Windows Central

When Windows 10 launches, the software will download and install automatically. How long does the upgrade process take?

How Long Does It Take To Reset Windows 10? - YouTube

Everything you need to know about reset this pc in windows 8 how long do they normally take? Hp hp pcs microsoft push button (windows 10). Please be aware that hp does not guarantee windows 10 drivers will available from has a push button reset feature repairs your computer by reinstalling the...

How long will the Launch Event Llama be available for? - Forums

I got enough for one of the event llamas and I usually like to buy llamas in bulk so I'm thinking of just hording a bunch of founder's coins to buy the event llamas in bulk but just want to know until the when the launch event llamas will be available to maximize the amount of llamas I can get. Tags: None.

How much longer will Windows 7 be supported? I am delaying

As soon as they are ready, I will let you know. Just to clarify, what's the make and model of your computer? What version of Windows are you running? Customer: Dell 7-years old with Windows 7 JA: Have you installed any updates recently?

When will Subscribers get Windows 7 RTM? August 6th.

Hi, my question is: Will Windows 7 EN-US Pro (or other SKU) going to be available through MSDN-AA on August 6th?

How long is disabling Telemetry in Windows 7 viable?

The bad news is that the "Security Only" updates are not available via Windows Update. You have to manually download it from the Microsoft Update Catalog and then manually install it. Personally, I have no idea how long I'll be able my attempts to thwart M$ telemetry will be viable...

Poll: How long does your system take to boot up Windows 7? - Forum

CNET's Forum on Windows 7 is the best source for finding help or troubleshooting advice from a community of experts.

How Long Will Microsoft Support Windows 10? -

The Windows Lifecycle page now includes info about how long Redmond will release Windows 10 security updates.

How Long a Windows 7 Upgrade Will Take

Here is how much time you can expect to spend doing a Windows 7 upgrade: Low end hardware No stored data, no applications installed: 40 minutes (32-bit), 50 minutes (64-bit) 70GB of stored data, 20 installed apps: 175 minutes (32-bit), 185 minutes (64-bit).

How long does Windows cache domain user passwords

They are starting to use Windows 7 laptops and keep them out in the field for longer periods of time where the domain controller is not accessible.

FAQs - How will I get my Windows 10 installation media?

How can I upgrade my phone? Microsoft is working with Windows Phone 8.1 partners to make the Windows 10 upgrade available to most phones later this year.

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 Articles

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update How to get it now You may be in for a long wait before Windows Update makes it available for your computer.

How long does it take to install windows 10 (download)?

How long will it take windows 10 to install? How long should setup is starting screen windows 10? How many hours.

Ten years of Windows XP: how longevity became a curse

Windows XP's retail release was October 25, 2001, ten years ago today. Though no longer readily available to buy, it continues to cast a long shadow over the PC industry: even now, a slim majority of desktop users are still using the operating system.

How long will a version of a Python package be available on PyPI?

I have carefully selected certain versions of some of these libraries as newer versions (in some cases) are incompatible. My installer downloads them (with pip) at install-time and sets up the environment for the application. But how long are those versions going to be available?

Windows 7 phase out timeline - HP Support Forum - 6722880

Does HP have a timeline on when the Windows 7 Pro will no longer be available as a downgrade - 6722880.

How to Choose Between 32-Bit and 64-Bit Versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 Home Premium is available in both a 32-bit model and a 64-bit model. Although both types of Windows 7 look and act the same on the surface, the way they work is quite different. How do you choose between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions?

How long will a windows 10 education edition license last?

with windows 10 rolling upgrades that doesn't make sense since i don't get any ads or anything annoying since its essentially enterprise edition. how do they make money on people like me if this will be their last OS? (they said it was their last os right?) that makes me wonder how long my license will...

How to Dual-Boot Windows 8 While Keeping Windows 7 As Your...

Find out how to install Windows 8 on your notebook, without giving up your current Windows 7 install.

Windows XP - How Long Has Your System Been Running?

You were absent or away from your PC which was turned off. On your way back, you just notice that your PC is on! So, if you want to know the duration of how long your Windows XP system has been running, try this

Install Windows 7 alongside an older Windows OS for a Multiboot...

To add Windows 7 to a system alongside an existing version of Window, you first need to make sure that you have an available partition (or

Microsoft will allow downgrades from Windows 8 to Windows 7, Vista

"What I don't know is how long Microsoft will keep XP available for download on VLSC for volume licensing customers after the debut of Windows 8," Chan added.

How long will Windows XP last? - Forum

XP will continue to have a long life in a virtual environment, but the majority of that virtual install base will be in XP Mode / MED-V using Virtual PC

How long does it take to reinstall Windows?

However, there is no exact time for how long it can take to install Microsoft Windows and can vary based on the below factors.

How long will you take to download GTA V? Discover here.

Or upgrading their Internet Plan, if available. Последний раз отредактировано ghml; 3 фев. 2015 в 18:32.

How long will Windows XP live? - Amit Bapat

Well, I think as long as people find it useful. Of course there is the other question of how long Microsoft will provide support for the OS.

How Long Does Move to iOS Take

Since the red version of iPhone 7 is available now, and the newest iPhone 8 is coming, many Android users are thinking about giving a try with iOS.

Q&A: How long will a USB Flash Drive retain its data when unplugged?

Rick answers a reader's question about how long a USB Flash Drive will retain its data when it isn't being used.

How To Fix Slow Folders In Windows Explorer - gHacks Tech News

Chance is, it is always the same folder that takes a darn long time to display its contents. Question is: How can you fix a folder that is opening slowly in Windows?

How Long do Hard Drives Last For? Here's What the Statistics Tell Us

How long should a hard drive last? That depends on factory defects, vibration, utilization, heat, and what brand it is.

A simple way to calculate how long it will take to... - Business Insider

The "rule of 72" is a simplified way to calculate how long an investment takes to double, given a fixed annual rate of interest.

FAQ Windows - How Much RAM do I Need?

However, Windows 8 is available in two versions. One version is named Windows RT (not to be confused with Windows Runtime, which is something else).

BasilMarket How well will Windows 7 run thread

I'm upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 so I decided to run the Upgrade Advisor program; however, it states that I have 896 MB RAM, which is probably being used by my video card