How do i claim babysitting money on my taxes

Do I claim babysitting money for taxes?
Ibabysit another child at his home 25 hours a week, making $250 per week. The family is from Israel. My wife and I want to dotaxes, but they haven't done their paperwork to claim they have a "nanny" working

How to Claim Babysitting as Income on Taxes -
Declare babysitting income on Schedule C, the form that the self-employed use to itemize their earnings and expenses. The total amount goes on Part I, Line 1. If you had any expenses associated with the service, you claim those deductions in Part II. For example, if you had to pay bus fare to get.

Will my babysitter have to pay taxes on her babysitting money ..
Not sure what to do? Looks I can get a refund if Ido so (and it’s true, she is childcare, but I don’t want to get her in trouble. I doubt she wi.

How to File Taxes for Babysitting - Budgeting Money
If your child earns moneybabysitting for other people, even relatives, the Internal Revenue Service considers that taxable earned income. How she files her income tax return depends on whether she was paid as an employee or a self-employed independent contractor.