Friday night lights leave no one behind

Friday Night Lights: "Leave No One Behind"
"LeaveNoOneBehind". Episode. 14. Advertisement. Our regular man in Dillon, Scott Tobias, is celebrating the birth of his very own Baby Gracie this Fridaynight. Let's give him a week of paternity leave before the wrenching scene where he drops the helpless infant off at the Chainlink Fence & Pea.

Friday Night Lights Soundtrack - S2E14: Leave No One Behind
All 11 songs featured in FridayNightLights season 2 epsiode 14: LeaveNoOneBehind, with scene descriptions. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon.

Friday Night Lights Recap: Episode 14, "Leave No One Behind"
I haven't exactly been shy about the fact that FridayNightLights occasionally makes me cry, but the waterworks reached a new level after watching Friday's episode. Part of that was the episode itself, but part of it was the context: This was the next-to-last episode the show finished before the writers' strike.