Does the xbox one controller work on xbox 360

Does the Xbox One controller work on an Xbox 360? - IGN Boards
Well, if anyone with an xboxonecontroller could try it and get back to me with an answer, I would be grateful.

How to Use an Xbox 360 Controller on Xbox One: 5 Steps
Do you wish you could use your old XBox360controller on your XBoxOne?

Can I use an Xbox 360 controller on Xbox One? - Quora
Then, plug in a wired Xbox360controller. Have not tested it with a wired 360controller because I do not own the wired controller myself but according to the website this is possible.

Does the xbox controller work on the xbox 360? - GameFAQs
Of course not. xbox360 uses a USB type connector. completely different from the Original box connector. however there's no reason you can't play xbox games on your xbox360 with a normal xbox360controller. If you need the black and white buttons.

How to connect an Xbox One controller to your Mac! - iMore
Click onXbox360Controllers. How to connect your Xbox360controller. Once you've installed the drivers, you'll now logically see that there are No devices found, since we have yet to physically connect the game controller to the Mac.

Does the Xbox one controller work on the 360? - Xbox
If I buy a xboxonecontroller will IT workon a xbox360. I know sony was nice enough to make the ps4 controllerwork with most ps3 games but no one seems to know about xbox. Help?

xbox one controller and xbox 360 controller working on pc at the...
Hi, I just sold my xboxone so now I don't have a console to play with friends. However, I'm wondering if I can use an xboxonecontroller along with an xbox360controller both connected by USB in order to play some local MP games (probably fifa). Do I need special hardware?

Custom Controllers - XBOX One & PS4 - XBOX 360...
DoestheXBOXcontroller still sync with theXBOX360 console? The sync button still functions as

Does the Xbox One controller work on a PC yet? - Giant Bomb
Do they have an xboxonecontroller that would workon PC easily and reliably? Or would I be better off just getting a wired xbox360controller?

Setting Up an Xbox One/360 Controller On Mac : RocketLeague
Click Xbox360Controllers (should be at the bottom). Make sure it detects your controller, that the buttons in the config picture light up when you click them, and that the sticks move when moved. Configure the controller in big picture mode: Note.

Xbox One Controller Not Working on PC [Solved] - Driver Easy
If theXboxOneController driver is missing or corrupted, the controller cannot work properly on your PC.

How well does the Xbox One controller work for Windows gaming?
From the moment theXboxOne went on sale, I've been silently waiting for drivers for the controller to be released for Windows.

Do the Xbox 360's controllers work on Xbox One S? - Forum
To answer your query, theXboxOne S cannot directly accept input from theXbox360controller. We suggest that you send or post your suggestions and feedback on this link.

If your Xbox One controller isn't working, do this :: FORCED Общие...
We tracked down the issue with theXboxOnecontrollers, it looks like they default to a weird setup. While we're workingon making it detect the correct default setting, you can actually fix it by doingthe following: Go into the game -> settings -> input setup Select thexboxonecontroller for.

How to Use an Xbox One Controller on a Mac: 4 Steps
Since the Mac does not natively support an XboxOneController, we'll need to download some drivers to get this working.

Will an Xbox 360 controller work on a PC?
If your Xbox360 wired controller is not detected by your PC, try plugging it into a different USB port, and then test it again. If your controller still does not work, check that Windows 10 is fully updated. Install any updates and then try again. read more.

How to use your Xbox or PlayStation controller on your PC - CNET
Here's how you can set up your Xbox360, XboxOne, or PlayStation 4 controller to be used on your PC.

Does xbox 360 wireless receiver work with xbox one controller on pc?
XBox360 wireless receiver won't connect to controller with windows 7 64 bit. didthe manual program update. Worked at first but now doesn't work, and can't find microsoft common command controller for windows any more i didthe steps where you go to.

Is the Xbox One controller compatible with Xbox 360? - Gaming Help
I am aware of the original Xboxcontroller is not compatible with the 360, but does this hold true for theXboxOnecontroller on the 360?

Does the xbox one controller work as well as the 360 on the pc?
So it seems like theXbox360controller is the defacto controller for many games that have controller support.

Does the original Xbox One controller work with the Xbox One S?
Both major versions of theXboxOnecontroller, the original and the One S pad, launched with their respective consoles, in 2013 and 2016. Cosmetically, there are few differences between the two controllers, so from an aesthetic perspective.

PC / Xbox 360 Controller not working - WB Games Community
i have a brand new XBOX360Controller (with cable) and bought Batman Arkham City. The Controller is recognized in Windows and works well. all Buttons working and i can calibrate him etc. When i start Batman: Arkham City the game is completely ignoring the Controller and i am unable to use it.

How to Use Your Xbox One Controller With... - NDTV
TheXboxOnecontroller is a step up from theXbox360controller, refining an already fantastic gamepad. The 360controller is the de facto standard for many a PC gamer who prefers to play games without a keyboard

Will the Xbox One controller and Xbox 360 controller work...
Tinking about upgrading to theXboxOnecontroller with wireless adapter. Can anyone confirm that the wireless Xbox360 and the wireless XboxOnecontroller will work togeather as player 1 and player 2 in above mentioned games? Thanks for the replys in advance!

Xbox 360 Controller won't work
@radawan: Did you do anything special to get Dolphin to recognize theXbox360controller? I'm using the same setup as you, Yosemite 10.10, latest dev Dolphin, and tattiebogle 0.12. However, in the drop-down list in Dolphin, I just see Input/0/Controller, and nothing works.

Dpad not working on Xbox One Controller - Forums - Forums - Page 2
My xbox360 Afterglow controllers d-pad is not working as well. Also unable to reverse in vehicle.

Xbox One Frequently Asked Questions and Info
DoestheXboxOne Block Used Games? No. XboxOne games will work just like games have

Re: Opinions on Xbox 360 controller vs the Xbox One controll - Forum
Old games that won't work fully* with theXbox360controller won't work with this.

Does white Xbox controller work on black Xbox360? Access 12 best...
Xbox360 headset doesn't work with certain controllers (brand new headset/ controller)? So I just bout a brand new Xbox360controller (microsoft brand not

Tip - You can use an Xbox 360 controller when streaming your Xbox...
Update: Wireless Xbox360controllersdo not work with theXbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10.(*) However, the wireless adapter works without issue with your XboxOnecontrollers and helps you get rid of the cable finally when streaming from your XboxOne.

Xbox360 Controller Issue - Soul Worker Information
I was wondering if anyone was able to get an XBOX360 wired controller to work in the game.

Does the wired xbox 360 controller work for the xim 4 ? - Forum
Do i simply need a usb cable for xboxonecontroller or i need to purchase the whole thing with the battery charging ?

Xbox One controller not working for me on Xbox One UWP game
How do I get theXboxOnecontroller to work, on my XboxOne project made in Unity? I'm using the UWP stuff to get it onto theXbox, and that's all working

The Xbox One Controller Will Work with Your PC.... in 2014
Unlike the 360 which requires a wired controller or an extra dongle, theXboxOne's controller will work fine with your PC games.

How To Use An Xbox One Controller On PC
In result, XboxOnecontrollers aren't readily compatible with PC. Another problem is that due to the change in the way the cables work, you'll also need a

Can you use an Xbox 360 controller with Xbox One? - Trusted Reviews
Unlike theXbox360, which was capable of being positioned on its side or horizontally, theXboxOne can only be

Most Common Troubleshooting Solutions for the Xbox One Controller
TheXbox360 Wireless Headset & Bluetooth Headset. Any headphones with the 2.5-mm connector. 9. How do I use my XboxOnecontroller for the PC?

How To: Properly Connect Additional Controllers to Your Xbox One...
Power on both theXboxOne and controller, hit the Connect button on the console and then on the

"Can xbox one controller work on 360" Keyword Found Websites...
TheXboxOne cannot directly accept input from an Xbox360controller - however, with Windows 10, there is a work around.

XBOX 360 controller won't work. - Chucklefish Forums
The controller would not work. Restarted my PC with XBOX360controller still plugged in.

How does the default Xbox One controller work for fighting games?
Max notes that theXboxOnecontroller is much lighter than its 360 counterpart, and he compares the new dpad setup to a slighter bigger, but more thin version of an SNES dpad. He also states that the dpad is "dramatically different than almost any controller I've used so far.

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working Windows 10 - How to Fix?
Do you face a problem with your Xbox360controller not working? If yes, then you are at the right place.

xbox 360 controller not working - Apple Community
Online I've found guides to use theXbox360controller on Mac. The driver is compatible with OS X Tiger but the controller doesn't show up under theXbox360Controllers preference pane.

Xbox One controller vs. Xbox 360 controller
Today, we give the controllers from the Microsoft Xbox360 and theXboxOne a similar treatment.

Xbox One controller review - PC Gamer
The 360controller has been PC Gamer's go-to for years now, but yesterday Microsoft finally

Does the (wired) xbox 360 controller work on an original xbox?
DoestheXbox use yet another different controller connection? I never really looked at it up close.

Xbox One Controller Not Working, Not In Device Manager
I got a new XboxOne over the weekend and decided to use it on my PC for some of my PC games

XBOX ONE controller on MADDEN 08 PC - Forum - FootballIdiot
Everyone here knows and understands that theXBOX360controllers and XBOXOne

Microsoft: 'Only Xbox One controllers, accessories will work with the...
Microsoft confirmed to Joystiq only XboxOnecontrollers and accessories are supported by the new console. The new system won't support theXbox360controller or Xbox360 Kinect. When approached, a Microsoft spokesperson provided us with the following statement

proCONTROLL problems (XBOX 360 Controller) - Processing Forum
I'm having problems trying to use my XBOX360controller in processing. Bear in mind I'm a complete newbie with joypad inputs.

Xbox 360 Controller won't turn on - Xbox One... - Cheap Ass Gamer
Took my 2 Xbox360 Wireless Controllers out of storage in the basement but they won't power up unless I plug them into my Xbox.

Xbox One Controller - A review for PC gamers
The original Xbox360controller quickly established itself as a standard controller for modern PC

Xbox one controller connected via USB not working - In-Client Bugs...
TheXBOX1controller is connected via USB but I cant use it in games. Neither doesthe button configuration or calibration work.

xbox 360 controller help - - Forum
Device manager, @ the bottom you will find Xbox360 peripherals. Click >, right click xbox360 for windows, click on update drivers software.

You Can Now (Officially) Use An Xbox One Controller On The PC
Xbox Live director of programmer Larry Hyrb, better known by his online handle Major Nelson, announced the news this morning in a post on his blog that also contains links to download drivers for the controller.

xbox 360 controller?
how do i get my xbox360controller to work in DuOS to play games?

Xbox One controller will work on PCs, but not until next year - PCWorld
TheXbox360 wireless controller only workson a PC if you buy a special wireless receiver, originally priced at $25 but now available for about $13. Wired Xbox360controllersdoworkon a PC without any extra accessories, but these controllers are sold separately from the console.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - RetroPie Forum
Thexbox360controllersdowork good. The only thing that sucks about the microsoft wireless controller adapter is it is recognized as four controllers even if you only have onecontroller on.

Xbox One S Controller - Forum
XboxOne S Controller. So the problem with having a controller and Cronus max plus was that it couldn't be wireless unless u had the wireless adapter 360 made or PlayStation

do 360 controllers work with xbox one-Mobltec Búsqueda
Xbox360controllers will work for playing How do I encourage my family to talk .

9 best custom Xbox one controller images on Pinterest - Videogames...
Custom XboxonecontrollerXbox360ControllerXbox console Xbox360 games Wii U Games: Consoles VideoGames PlayStation Alex Pardee Games Humorous Pictures

Xbox One Controller :: VideoLike
The new cheap XboxOneController from PowerA- the Enhanced Wired Controller. How does it compare to the other option out there?

Xbox one controller windows 10 triggers not working
Впервые power xbox. Find product information, ratings and reviews Controller Black online on Target with innovative consoles, like s, latest games accessories, you immerse yourself in all action. com the was november 22, 2013, north america, successor 360.

What Happens When you Connect a Xbox One Controller to a Xbox...
I bet you can play with an xboxonecontroller on a xbox360 if you use a mx chronus.

Xbox 360 Controller - Green for Xbox 360 - GameStop
GameStop: Buy Xbox360Controller - Green, GameStop, Xbox360, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots.

PDP Stealth Series Controller for PC, Xbox One, Xbox... - Best Buy
Enhance your control of digital characters with this PDP wired controller for theXboxOne and

How to use an Xbox 360 controller on CS:GO
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Video Game) Xbox360 (Video Game Platform) Xbox (Video Game Platform) Game