Does the xbox one controller work on xbox 360

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Xbox One controller doesn't work with Xbox 360 Hands-on - Продолжительность: 2:37 109 136 просмотров.

Does the Xbox One controller work on an Xbox 360? - IGN Boards

I do not have an xbox one controller nor do I have the money right now to buy one. I thought I'd post on IGN boards because I wasn't getting any answers elsewhere.

How to connect an Xbox One Wireless Controller to a Windows PC

Select Xbox Wireless Controller. Click Done. With Xbox Wireless connections, you can connect 8 Xbox Wireless Controllers at the same time, or 4 controllers that have Xbox Chat Headsets attached.

How to Use an Xbox One or Xbox 360 Controller With Your PC...

While this controller is more than double the price of a standard Xbox One controller, it does offer extra features and feels way more comfortable to game with.

How To: Properly Connect Additional Controllers to Your Xbox One...

Connecting your first Xbox One controller to your Xbox One was probably fairly easy, since it was part of the initial setup process you had to undergo when you first

Does the Xbox One Elite controller work with the original Xbox?

Does the Xbox 360 run original Xbox games? How do I get the back panel of my Xbox One controller off?

does the Xbox360 controller work on a pc? - GameSpot - Forum

Also... how does it work if the only way the controller can be turned on is when the 360 is on? jdwollmann.

How to Use an Xbox One Controller on a Mac

Since the Mac does not natively support an Xbox One Controller, we'll need to download some drivers to get this working.

Do the Xbox 360's controllers work on Xbox One S? - Forum

To answer your query, the Xbox One S cannot directly accept input from the Xbox 360 controller. We suggest that you send or post your suggestions and feedback on this link.

Does the original Xbox One controller work with the Xbox One S?

Unlike the Xbox One S controller, which was designed as a direct replacement for the original One controller, the Elite was created to coexist alongside the regular controller.

Xbox 360 wired controller wont work #358

There are some issues with third party Xbox One controllers that require a revert to 10.10, but this controller should work just fine on 10.11.

Does xbox 360 wireless receiver work with xbox one controller on pc?

XBox 360 wireless receiver won't connect to controller with windows 7 64 bit. did the manual program update. Worked at first but now doesn't work, and can't find microsoft common command controller for windows any more i did the steps where you go to.

How do I connect an Xbox One controller to a Wii? -

You're right it does say that it does not work with wireless controllers, but it never said that I can't connect using a USB wire.

Can you use a wired xbox360 controller on the original xbox? - CNET

If it does not, I am sure the driver can be ported for the 360 controller and loaded into memory via a custom dashboard. Now is it work all the modding to get a 360 controller to work on

Clarification about Xbox One controllers. - S-Config

The Xbox One uses a different 2.4ghz wireless band then that of the original Xbox 360. The only reason for doing this has nothing to do with efficiency.

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller To a PC (Linux)

XInput controllers, as you may have guessed, include the Xbox One controller and the Xbox 360 controller.

Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working on Windows 10

If you want to install XBOX 360 Controller, it is very easy. All you have to do is just follow these simple steps

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working Windows 10 - How to Fix?

Do you face a problem with your Xbox 360 controller not working? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will provide all the solutions to fix this issue.

Does the (wired) xbox 360 controller work on an original xbox?

I can see why microsoft would not like xbox controller working on the 360, but the other way seems easy to implement and wouldn't hurt sales.

Xbox One Controller for PC not working correctly ?

When will the XBOX One's Controller support PC - Forum. Kinect For Xbox "One" or "360" for Motion Capture.

Xbox One Controller Not Working, Not In Device Manager

I got a new Xbox One over the weekend and decided to use it on my PC for some of my PC games as well. However, it simply does not work.

Update: Xbox One will not support Xbox 360 wireless controllers or...

Considering neither wireless controllers nor accessories from the Xbox 360 will work on the Xbox One, this may mean wired fight sticks and pads will follow suit.

games - How do I get an Xbox One controller to work... - Ask Ubuntu

My controller is a Xbox One S controller and it worked easily on 16.04 but not in 14.04. Using this patch did the trick.

Xbox One Elite Controller App: What to Choose?

Unfortunately, your awesome Xbox Elite controller is recognized as Xbox 360 by default, and Elite paddles are not active in PC games.

How To Get Xbox 360 Controller To Work On Xbox One :: VideoLike

Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 Controller Comparison. We've spent dozens of hours with the Xbox One controller. So how does it stack up to its predecessor?

Xbox One S review: a worthy successor -- to the Xbox 360

Summary. Thanks to new software, more compact hardware and an excellent pack-in controller, the Xbox One S feels like a worthy successor to the older Xbox 360.

DEMUL + XBox One Controller - Emulation - LaunchBox Community...

I can't get my xbox 360 controller or my ps4 controller to work. For that reason, I'm beginning to think something else is the culprit.

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Update: Wireless Xbox 360 controllers do not work with the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10.(*) However, the wireless adapter works without issue with your Xbox One controllers and helps you get rid of the cable finally when streaming from your Xbox One.

Xbox One Controller wireless to PS4 - Forum

WIll the new Xbox One Elite Controller also work on PS4 (wired, maybe later this Year wireless), with all it´s

Retropie Xbox One Controller Fixed - TechWizTime

Connect the Xbox One Wireless Controller. Once Retropie has fully rebooted, you need to go to the Configuration menu.

XBOX ONE controller on MADDEN 08 PC - Forum - FootballIdiot

This one worked for me. ** * Note2: You're not RENAMING "OEMName", you're right clicking> Modify value, and pasting "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows" without the parenthesis, and then saving. You will do this for the new folders in...

Gaming, Gadgets, and Mods: Xbox 360 and Original Xbox controller...

I am a huge gamer and I love to tinker and mod things, so I decided to start a blog showcasing some of my work and favorite gadgets.

Xbox 360 Controller configuration for Minecraft in PC using JoyToKey

hey Thanks a lot this is amazing.. the only problem I'm having is the left joy stick for moving forward,Back,Left & Right.. doesn't work so my guy cant move!!!I'm using an Xbox 360 wired controller... Please Help I've been trying to do this for 3 weeks until I found this site...

Things you didn't know your Xbox One could do

When you're done transferring all your Xbox 360 game saves, you can safely cancel your Gold membership. However, if you leave the subscription active, there's an added benefit: cloud syncing works both

How To Use An Xbox One Controller On PC

In result, Xbox One controllers aren't readily compatible with PC. Another problem is that due to the change in the way the cables work, you'll also need a

Xbox or DS4 controller for PC? - ResetEra

360? so not the xbox one controller? Click to expand... Either will work fine but I prefer the XB1 personally.

Ding Dongle! Xbox Controller Finally Adding... - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The Xbox One controllers take like half (or less) of the force the 360s did to get the sticks all the way to the edge.

How To Bring Up Xbox 360 Guide In A Backward Compatible Game...

This new feature will allow Xbox One players to play their Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Microsoft's Mike Ybara at E3 2015 played a live demo of Mass Effect 1 on Xbox One to show the working of

Xbox360 wireless controllers - receiver connectivity issues - Forum

I'm having trouble connecting 4 wireless xbox 360 controllers to the wireless receiver within retropie 3.8 updated to the latest version using the update script.

Best game controllers for Windows PC (updated July 2016) - Polygon

While Windows 10 includes support for Xbox One and Xbox 360 wired controllers, it doesn't natively support wireless controllers.

XBox360 Wireless Controller With PC...How To Turn Off??? - Forum

How in the world do I turn the wireless controller off? It's just staying on even if I press the "Xbox Guide" button. It works fine, I just don't want to have to keep taking the

Schematic Xbox 360 Controller Pc Adapter

Below are some of the working solutions to fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver not working issues in windows 10.

Best Deals on Xbox One Elite Controller - Писта Дракон

New Xbox Rumours. Backwards Compatible best deals on xbox one elite controller with btob singing contest Xbox 360. The Xbox One S is 40% smaller than XB1 and will feature a 2TB hard drive, support for 4k and high dynamic range.

Help with setting up xbox360 controller? - Help & Support - GTAForums

Does anybody with a xbox controller fancy just copying their 360emu.ini file? or how to go back to default? Or is it a re-install? Cheers. It works straight out of the box, no need for extra software.

500gb xbox one with leads, controller and 14 games - Gumtree

This is a fully working xbox one, 500gb, the xbox 360 games are backwards compatible so able to play on the xbox one. Has all the leads, controller is fully working, games are in good to okay condition but all of them does work, can all be seen and checked before purchase if needs...