Can you change your first name when you get married

How to Change Your Last Name After the Wedding
Before you can changeyourname, you'll need the original (or certified) marriage license with the raised seal. Call the clerk's office where your license was

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Recently, when making big life decisions (quitting a miserable grad school program, quixotically looking for jobs near that fellow I am about to marry), I come back to a sentiment that is beautifully summed up by this A Softer World

6 Alternatives To Changing Your Name When You Get Married
.whenIgotmarried, but the one issue that really resounded, that was repeated across many different cups of tea, was " Are you going to changeyourname?

Should You Change Your Last Name When You Get Married? - Brides
"I did change my last name, but regretted doing so almost immediately. My husband and I were together 10 years before we gotmarried.

7 Things To Know Before Legally Changing Your Name - Mental Floss
People legally change their first, middle, or last names for a variety of reasons: Major life changesgettingmarried, divorced, or undergoing a gender reassignment—might catalyze a name

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Since I'm gettingmarried, I thought it would be a prime opportunity to go ahead and make the change official. I'm starting to research name changes and it's very overwhelming and now I'm wondering if it's even worth it for just the

Social Security Card Name Change After... - Marriage Name Change
Non-marriage-related namechange, for you other folks. If you're changingyourname for reasons that aren't marital, you'll need the paperwork from

3 Ways to Change Your Name - wikiHow
Gettingmarried makes changingyourname easier than it would otherwise be, so think carefully about what you want your permanent name to be.